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Farm to School empowers our districts to work with local and regional farms throughout New York State to bring NY grown produce and products to the school cafeterias in our region! Our goal is to make these fresh options available, get kids to try new things and source more foods locally with in the state.

We are proud to say we offer New York items daily in all cafeterias! We highlight a seasonal New York grown fruit or vegetable served fresh or in a scratch recipe; or we do a New York menu day once each month throughout the school year!

We are continually working to provide students with more local and state menu options every year, while supporting our local and state farms. This also links our students with the farmers and their products, while enriching their bodies and minds. By offering a variety of menu options, it has been proven to be a successful way to introduce students to NY items that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample. Providing the local & state menu options, in turn will help students develop lifestyle habits for their growing futures!

Fresh Produce & Products From NY Farms & Companies


Links to NY Farms & Companies!